History of Unda and Diplomats

Our premium brand Diplomats has a history of more than 100 years. It started well before Latvian well known traditional golden sprats started their first victory march in the world. 


The first information about the Diplomats branded products is dated even before the year 1915. During Russian Tsarist Time Diplomats delicious premium canned fish products were already highly respected and regarded in the Tsar's family.


At this time Diplomats products were produced in Baltic Steam Canned Products Factory on Nikolaja street 56 in Riga, the capital city of Latvia. Later, after factory in Riga was closed, recipe and production of Diplomats was moved to Engure Canned Product Factory Engures Konservu Fabrika, which was later acquired by Lankowsky & Liccop company, the owners of the famous at the time Lankowsky & Liccop Chocolate Factory Ltd. 


In 1931, when Unda got its current name, the golden sprats started their first victory march. Diplomats products were then shipped over the ocean, and the biggest market during these times was in United States of America.


During the soviet times the name Unda was replaced with time appropriate Padomju Zvejnieks (Soviet Fisherman). Kolkhoz times were very tense - the factory was one of the biggest fish processor and canned fish producer in the area. In 1992 the kolkhoz workers merged and privatized the company, and gave it back its original name Unda. During all times the locally fished smoked sprats were the main product of export in the company.


Despite our tremendous respect for the company's and its products diverse and eventful history, Unda always bravely keep up with the times, evolve and offer only the best products to our dear customers. In 2017 the Diplomats brand was renewed, got a new life and great products with this name are available again in Latvia, New Zealand, Japan, Israel, Australia and other markets worldwide.


The long history, traditions, quality and taste of the products produced in Unda are important to every employee and they are proud to work there. With our attitude, dedication and commitment, we continue to write new pages of this company's history book every day.


In all times Unda has been one of the stable leaders in canned fish production in Latvia. Our constantly improved production facility complies with European and International standards for quality and good manufacturing practice. Unda complies with the highest quality standards in food production, and for many years now it has IFS, BRC, MSC and Riga Sprat certificates. Our products are FDA certified and registered for export to the United States of America market. Unda is a member and one of the founders of the Riga Sprat Association.


Our products use only MSC certified wild caught fish. The certificate confirms that fishing is conducted in a responsible way with a view to future fishery resources. Unda use only non-GMO natural ingredients in our production. Today our canning factory is one of the most modern and well equipped fish canning factories in Latvia. It can produce up to 30 million high quality canned fish products per year.


There are no evidences preserved, but it is very possible that the famous golden sprat was first made in Engure, or at least its industrial production began there.